The Rossville Cemetery originated in 1836 and has been expanded seven times since its origin. The original land was owned by a local farmer named D.D. Skiles and was deeded to form the cemetery. The original cemetery now encompasses six acres. Due to a recent donor, Morris Gray, the cemetery now has an additional six acres. It is anticipated that the new area will be opened for lot sales in the fall of 2014 or 2015.
The sections will be opened as needed.

Rossville CemeteryThe Rossville Cemetery is a not-for-profit entity. It is manned and maintained by volunteers. The Cemetery Board is made up of six members. Upkeep and maintenance is quite expensive. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated from families, organizations, and businesses. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Headstones at the Rossville CemeteryThe Rossville Cemetery’s source of income comes through charges for lot sales and burials. After lots are purchased, lot owners are not required to pay for further lot maintenance. The Cemetery Board is responsible for the grounds which includes grass mowing, seeding, cleanup, and grave maintenance. The titled owners are responsible for the maintenance of the monuments.

The road leading into Rossville Cemetery with headstones to the right.

Current lot prices are as follows:
1 space: $1,250.00*
1-3 spaces: $1,880.00*
1-6 spaces: $3,280.00*
Burials: $820.00 (weekends & holidays $880.00)*
*All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

The Rossville Cemetery installs all monument foundations. Please ask for a foundation quote as pricing varies due to the monument sizes.

November 1, 2015, an additional one acre area was opened on the East end of the cemetery for full-body vaults and a Columbarium Cremation Center.

Cemetery Columbarium

A Columbarium is comprised of granite stone and polished, black granite facade. The doors can be etched-engraved per the families’ choice of printing.  Each cubicle can hold 2 cremation urns, plus some small family memory items.

With purchasing a cubicle there is a one-time fee for maintenance. This area will be landscaped with shrubs, flowers and sitting benches and can be expanded as the demand dictates. For more information and pricing please contact the Cemetery.

While at the cemetery, see this large meteor that fell on Gray Farm Indiana in Cass County in 1892.

A large meteor that fell in Gray Farm in Cass County in 1892.


In honor of: Rossville American Legion Homer Cameron Post #342 Remembering all Veterans

In honor of: Rossville American Legion Homer Cameron Post #342 Remembering all Veterans

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