The Rossville Street Department provides a wide range services for town residents. Below is a listing of several of these services:

Street Sweeping

The Street Department is responsible for sweeping streets on a regular basis during the spring, summer, and fall. At the present time the Town of Rossville owns a VAC ALL street sweeper to perform this service.

Leaf Pick-up

Each year a tentative leaf pick-up schedule is issued to all residents. Pick-up usually begins on or around the third week of October. The Town reserves the right to change the dates depending on weather conditions and the availability of town employees. Residents may also use the compost area located in the Town Park to dispose of leaves. The Street Department requests that you empty your containers (i.e. leaf sacks, garbage cans, boxes, etc.) and take them home with you instead of leaving them on the compost area.

Snow Removal

Town employees are used during the winter months to remove snow from streets and alleys to avoid the need to hire outside contractors. At the present time the Town has the ability to equip two trucks with plows and has the use of a backhoe. Streets are kept cleared and spot salted where needed.

Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

The Street Department is responsible for all lawn and landscape maintenance in the Town Park and other roadside areas located throughout the Town. They also routinely prune trees located on streets and alleys.

Street Paving

Each year streets within the Town are assessed for needed repairs or paving. The Street Commissioner provides a listing of repairs to the Town Council for approval. This list is reviewed and depending on the amount of funding available, repairs are completed by an independent contractor.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito control is performed by Town employees. During the spring and summer months, please avoid allowing water to stand in open containers, ditches, drains, tire tracks, rotting tree roots, etc. Allowing water to stagnate in such places becomes prime breeding sites for mosquitoes. Routinely clean out bird baths and ornamental pools. Be sure to use insect repellents at all times.

Other Services

During the spring and summer months of each year, curbs, streets, and water hydrants are painted. The Water, Street, and Sewer Departments work together to reduce the expense of hiring outside contractors to clean and maintain storm sewers, water mains, and sewer lines. Please report any missing street signs and malfunctioning street lights to the Town Hall. (765-379-2645)

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