The Town of Rossville has conducted an inventory of evaluations of curb ramps and sidewalks using GPS and on-sight evaluations. The majority of these do not meet ADA requirements. The Town is committed to making all sidewalk and curb ramp areas accessible to all pedestrians including those with disabilities. This will be accomplished through the following programs:

  • All new construction, reconstruction, roadwork construction or alterations, including federal projects under the control and/or inspection of the Department of Public Works will be in compliance with ADA;
  • The Town will have in place a sidewalk repair program annually;
  • The Town will replace existing curbs throughout the Town of Rossville needing accessible ramps or having obstructions removed and add detectable warnings. This transition will begin in the spring of 2013 and will continue until completed as funds become available;
  • As funds become available, the playground equipment in the Town Park will be updated and made accessible for disabled children. The funding will be made available from the CEDIT Fund;
  • Update traffic signs, road signs, street signs and informational signs to meet MUTCD retro reflective guidelines. Aging signs are currently being replaced and updated as funds are available to meet guidelines. Funding provided in the MVH Fund;
  • All future new building construction by the Town of Rossville shall meet ADA requirements;
  • ADA notice and grievance procedures will be posted at the Town Hall and distributed with the Welcome Packets for new utility customers.


The Town of Rossville intends to implement this Transition Plan effective the date of this document. Not only does the Town commit to following the guidelines set forth in this Transition Plan but it also commits to actively revising and amending this document as new information is discovered. Further as a matter of policy, this document will be updated at least every five (5) years. A copy of this document will be placed on the Town’s website at*

*Note: All ADA documents were added to the Rossville town website on 5/3/2013.

Ordinance 2012-13

Ordinance 2012-13 was passed by the Town Council of the Town of Rossville, Indiana, on December 11, 2012.  This is an ordinance adopting the notice, provisions, and grievance procedure under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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